Two artworks, Tattooed Manoeuvres and Flipping The Script featured on the wall at the Emerge and Establish, BHM, group artshow at Brixton Library. Currently extended to mid November 2023.

Circled Noise

Screen printed T-shirt
Another screen printing studio session with the release of the Circled Noise t-shirt. A water based ink print on a turquoise colour, 100% cotton t-shirt. Check out the Surfacenoise online shop.

OWWS of Brixton

OWWS of Brixton
Leafy and Tork from the skateboard art series hanged for 2 days in the OWWS of Brixton window, located in the entrance stairs of Lost in Brixton, Brixton Village. Followed by Bones and Holes skateboards completing the weekly exhibited show.

Paste Up

Out and About
Two paste ups sustaining the elements, time and skate tricks. Part of the Out and About series featuring three paste up works original featured in several london based skateboard parks.


Check out 'Off Key' my upcoming solo exhibition from the 9th November to 5th December, at the Brixton Library, Brixton Oval, London, SW2 1JQ. Monday - Sunday. Featuring a series of prints, paintings and wall based sculptures.
Press Review

Studio Session

Screen Printing
The Infestation graphic is a swarm of text swamping and infesting the surfacenoise logo. A latest t-shirt out of the surfacenoise studio production sessions. Check out the Surfacenoise online shop.

Studio Session

Screen Printing
Rescent t-shirt design, Afirika put through the paces of screen printing production to final print, outputted from the studio sessions. T-shirts hand printed, water based ink, printed onto 203 g/m2 100% cotton jersey. Check out the Surfacenoise online shop.

Sunday Spot

South London Gallery
Developed and delivered an artist led workshop session for the South London Gallery, live online Sunday Spot. Young children were given the opportunity to take an object out of recycling and create it into a character or self-portrait.

Studio Session

Skateboard Bags
Crafted and printed skateboard bags from leftover painting canvases. Bags produced to complement four customised skateboard artworks, Tork, Holes, Bones and Leafy. Skateboards to be included in future update website content and exhibition projects.